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Hampton Farm Shop was founded in 1995 by Sue Lavell. Shortly after her husband Ian joined the business and they have been serving the local community with local, quality produce ever since.

I, Chris Groves, started work at Hampton Farm Shop as a teenager for a Saturday job and in 2007 I became a partner in the business. In 2011 I, and my wife Esther, became the proud owner's when Sue retired, selling the business to us safe in the knowledge that we understood and would carry on the shop's ethos of locally sourced, highest quality produce at a fair price. 

After 20 years of service the old shop building was replaced with a new, bigger timber building in 2015 allowing Hampton Farm Shop to grow and expand. Now there is space to stock even more of the finest local fruit and vegetables, expand our product range to include meat, pies and bread and the addtion of a cafe, serving tea, coffee and light snacks. 

Onsite parking is available and will be expanded further when the adjacent housing development is complete in late 2016, making Hampton Farm Shop the ideal place to shop for the local community for many years to come.




and the Hampton Farm Shop team

The Hampton Farm Shop Team