The Evesham Area

Orchard in the Vale of Evesham

A rich history of growers and market gardeners

The Vale of Evesham has a rich history of fruit and vegetable growing which can be traced back nearly two centuries. The rich fertile soil means the Vale can grow a diverse range of crops unseen anywhere else in the country. 

While modern technologies and growing methods are now prevalent in the Vale of Evesham a drive around the roads of the surrounding villages of Badsey, Bretforton and Offenham orchards and fields of crops can stil be seen that are still worked in the same traditonal 'market garden' way. Traditionally small plots growing for the Birmingham whole sale markets market gardening was the back bone of the local economy for many years. 

Today Evesham and the surrounding area is still a centre of fruit and vegetable growing and while methods have changed the same dedication  by growers to producing the finest crops is still in abundance. 

Fruit and vegetable growing is so ingrained in the local area that there are annual celebrations of the Vale of Evesham's most famous fare, plums and asparagus.

The Pershore Plum Festival

The festival takes place every summer from late July through August and hosts all manner of plum related fun. You can find out more about the Plum Festival using the link below.

British Asparagus Festival

Asparagus events are held around the Vale of Evesham during the traditional asparagus season from late April to late June. The Asparagus Auction at the Fleece Inn, Bretforton is a highlight of the this annual event where people bid on the freshest and largest asparagus from the surrounding fields. More information can be found by following the link below.


Asparafest is a weekend long festival of music and all things asparagus taking place just outside the village of Badsey. For more information follow the link below.



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